Krav Maga Kids


We believe that it is important to educate and equip our younger generation with self-defence skills and what better way to do that than through Krav Maga!

Apart from learning the basics of Krav Maga, we also hope that the classes will allow kids to build up their self-confidence and lead an active and healthier lifestyle.


AGES: 6 to 12 years of age
DURATION: 60 mins

Our Krav Maga Kids classes aim to introduce the basics of Krav Maga through play, but at the same time ensuring that we are not downplaying the techniques involved.

The class starts off with a warm up to get the kids ready for the class. The instructor will then guide the kids through a series of exercises which are built on the basics of Krav Maga. This includes how to move away, comply, de-escalate and defend.

We do this through a combination of fun and engaging exercises to get the kids excited and interacting with one another while learning the craft of Krav Maga.

For more information on our Krav Maga Kids classes, please reach out to Julian Huang


Type Price
Trial Class S$25
Drop In S$35
4 Sessions - 1 Month Package S$100
Unlimited - Annual Package S$1,000