While working as a bodyguard, Julian picked up Muay Thai but was keen to explore other avenues to see how he could strengthen his training. He met Sascha who introduced him to the Krav Maga system and found that it taught an applicable set of skills that he could use on the job.

He went on to complete the VIP Protection Course and with the encouragement from Sascha, became a qualified Krav Maga instructor in 2011.

Julian is now the lead instructor for all kids and teens classes at Krav Maga SG. Coaching the future generation and equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to protect themselves is something he holds close to his heart, being a father with an 8 year-old daughter himself. What keeps him motivated is seeing the change in the children who attends his classes; not only in terms of their physical abilities, but the improvement he sees in their self-confidence and social interaction skills.

For him, learning Krav Maga is a lifelong journey and he hopes to impart this attitude of grit and tenacity to all his students.