Sascha first started practising Krav Maga in 2004 when he was still in the military. With its focus on being a solution provider, the Krav Maga system appealed to him. He also found that the approach of teaching and learning based on principles rather than a fix set of movements to be highly applicable to his line of work.

After serving with the Singapore army for 12 years, of which 10 years was with the SAF Special Operations Forces, Sascha decided to leave military service in 2006, to further his education in Krav Maga overseas. Following his return, he opened the first ever Krav Maga training centre in Singapore.

Sascha's mission is simple - to introduce the system of Krav Maga to people here in Singapore, so that one may walk in peace.

Apart from teaching civilians, Sascha also conducts training for the military and law enforcement special units in Singapore.


  • Krav Maga Civil Instructor

  • Krav Maga Military Instructor

  • Krav Maga Law Enforcement Instructor

Fighting & Self Defence Skills

  • Krav Maga Military/Law Enforcement Fighter Course (Best Trainee), 2004

  • Krav Maga Instructor Civil, 2006, Australia

  • Krav Maga Military Instructor, 2009

  • Krav Maga Law Enforcement Instructor, 2016, Israel

  • ASP Baton Instructor Course (registration no 22755), 2004

  • ASP Tactical Handcuff Instructor Course (registration no 607), 2005

  • Certificate of Merit for Meritorious Performance in SAFSA Boxing, 1995/1996

  • Filipino Kali

  • Karate

  • Muay Thai

  • Brazilian Jujitsu

Military Achievements

  • Basic Commando Training 1st CDO Battalion 3rd Company, 1996

  • Commando Section Leader Course 32nd batch, 1996

  • SAF Basic Airborne Course Class 151, 1998

  • SAF Life Guard Course, 1998

  • 26th SAF Ranger Course, 1998, Singapore / Kanchanaburi, Thailand

  • SAF Basic Military Free Fall Course, 1999

  • SOF Counter Terrorist Batch 16, 2000

  • SAF Advance Military Free Fall High Altitude Parachute Operations 9th Batch, 2000, Australia

  • SAF Combat Diver Class II, 21 Batch NDU, 2001

  • RSN Underwater Medic Course Level I, 2001

  • US Navy BUDS : Basic Underwater Demolition Seal Class 242, 2002-2003, San Diego Coronado, United States

  • SAF Combat Medic Specialist Level II / Paramedic Level II, 2003