Scenario & Summary Drills

TOPIC: Scenario & Summary Drills
DURATION: 60 minutes
INTENSITY LEVEL: High to Very High

As the name suggests, this class is all about running through the different scenarios that you’ve learned and practising our summary drills. So imagine what you usually do at the end of the class, for the entire class duration!

Please note that for some drills, strobe lighting may be used, so please let the instructor know if you suffer from photosensitivity or are sensitive to flashing lights.


The class starts off with a high intensity warm-up followed by a series of Krav Maga Combative exercises to get your heart pumping.

The instructor leading the class will run through the scenarios and drills to be covered, following which, we’ll immediately get into action. Expect to cover topics from the other classes such as handling weapon attacks, responding to chokes and headlocks and more.

At the end of the class, a quick debrief will be conducted to recap the topics covered and to go through any questions that you may have.


All students must have personal protection equipment on at all times during class. This includes groin protection and gum shield.

Students must also ensure that there are no hard objects on their body (e.g. watches, earrings, bangles, rings etc.)