TOPIC: Combatives
DURATION: 90 minutes
INTENSITY LEVEL: High to Very High

This class is one that gets everyone coming back, rain or shine! A favourite amongst students, the 90-minute class includes a heavy dose of boxing and kickboxing drills to build up both your stamina and techniques. Prepare for an intense workout as breaks are kept to the minimum!


The class starts off with a high intensity warm-up comprising of 10 sets of body weight exercises following a 1 min (work) and 30 secs (rest) interval schedule.

This is followed by,

3 x 3 min rounds of shadow boxing

3 x 3 min rounds of heavy bag work

3 x 3 min rounds of partner pad work

3 x 3 min rounds of sparring.

Note: only senior students who have been cleared by the instructors may participate in the sparring.


For this class, students are asked to use hand-wraps under the boxing gloves.

All students must have personal protection equipment on at all times during class. This includes groin protection and gum shield.

Students must also ensure that there are no hard objects on their body (e.g. watches, earrings, bangles, rings etc.)