Class Types

Whether you’re new to Krav Maga or a seasoned practitioner, we have a class for you! Find out more about our class types below.

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This is by far one of the best and most realistic class to demonstrate how Krav Maga is a viable option when dealing with an assailant wielding an edged, bladed or long weapon.



Fighting on the ground is one of the hardest and most dangerous situation to be in. This class will prepare you for the different scenarios so that you're equipped with the necessary skills to defend yourself.


CHOKES & Headlocks

Chokes and headlocks are probably one of the most common attacks you'll encounter against an assailant. This class will prepare you through situational demonstrations and simulation drills.


Fighting Skills & Tactics

Techniques will only work if you're mentally conditioned to survive a violent confrontation. This class aims to prepare you by introducing some stressful conditions while training.



Our combative class focuses not just on cardio but technical drills. Expect a heavy dose of boxing/kickboxing drills to ensure you're well-prepped to fight off any assailant.


Scenarios & Summary Drills

It is important to condition the mind and body for situations outside the gym and this class aims to do just that by inducing some level of stress while you practise your techniques.